I have always had a fascination with nature and animals and began writing early on expressing my love for my dogs and cats and the natural environment that surrounds my life.
My first book “Letters to My Dog” is a personal journey through the grief I felt from the loss of my first companion dog Storm. Losing a loved one be it a parent, partner, friend or pet can be a debilitating experience and I have found that, for me, writing about my feelings truly help me feel better. And when I wrote my first book about the loss of my dog Storm I realized that I could help ease the pain for anyone experiencing the same feelings of grief. My goal was to help other people realize that they were not alone in their grief.
My other published contributions: “Muenster’s Kitty Tales, The Chronicles of Drizzlemania, Nimbopotomus in The Secret Escape and my newest; Tabby Cottage” are all geared for children. They are fun-filled animal adventures, filled with woodland creatures and lessons about friendship. Most take place on the farm or in the forest and keep the child engaged to see what happens next. Writing children’s stories, for me, keep my imagination going and make me smile each word that is offered.
Aside from my passion with writing, I enjoy teaching dog sports, training and showing my own dogs, giving back to the community by bringing my Therapy Dog into nursing homes and hospitals, cooking, photography and music and I take full time care of my elderly Mom who lives with me and my four animals in the country.
I currently have an Australian Cattle Dog named Dusk, a Rottweiler named Rain, and two kittens named Cream and Cottage (hense the book Tabby Cottage)
For more information on any of my books and what is coming soon please visit our blog:


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