Let me invite you inside this journey.  When my dog “Storm” was nearing the end of his life on earth with me I desperately tried to be strong but my heart and mind were crushed.  He and I had been through so many things together from the onset of puppy-hood, training and sharing our love for Canine Free Dancing that the thought of being without him stifled me.  Truly it took me almost 3 years to come to terms with this loss.  But once I began sharing our story through “letters to my dog” things began to change for me and essentially the sharing of our life together by writing gave me another outlook; I could keep his memory alive by sharing his stories; our stories.  My life with this wonderful beautiful Rottweiler was one that needed to be shared.  He became a great ambassador to his breed by dancing with me at the Kennel Club of Philadelphia.  At that show we were interviewed by Don Polac of Action News Channel 6 and featured on the program and in the videos of Storm and I dancing there the crowds got to see a graceful and gentle Rottweiler back in these days when Rotties were looked at by the ignorant public and news stories as dangerous.  I believe he helped change that; making him even more precious.  Take a look inside this journey and give the book a read; it’s heart-breaking, yes, but it does blossom into a loving sharing story of a wonderful dog and his partner; me.  ♥


This book is about my personal journey during the loss of my first companion dog; STORM.  It takes the reader on the path of how we humans feel when we loose someone; be it a human partner or an animal friend.  Through the heartfelt journey there are ups and downs, sharp stabbing pains and eventually through thoughtful guidance; acceptance.  It’s a rough road but there is light at the end of this journey and celebration of my life with this most precious dog; STORM.

* This book is for young adult/adult readers; as it deals with death and the stages of grief.

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