Let me beckon you to voyage along with me through Rain’s Memoir.  Here is how we’ll start:

Love at First Glance

I met you on June 17th Father’s Day in 2007.  I was near State College Pennsylvania at dog shows.  We stayed at Connie’s Dad’s house and it was about half way between where you were born in Warren and where you would live in Quakertown.  I was so very excited to meet you along with Donna your human Mom and the anticipation was more than I could almost bare.

It was a long weekend; a good one; your “new brother” Drizzle earned a 2nd UD leg and traveling back and forth to the show hall with your “new” brothers and being away from home always seems to take a toll on me but knowing I was going home with you made it all worthwhile.


This lovely memoir is now available at

Click here to order!

Next up in the new book category is If You Only Knew another memoir.

If You Only Knew Book Cover

This memoir is about my life as a caregiver to my Mom who passed away last summer from Alzheimer’s disease.  There is a final proof awaiting my approval but the book will be available soon.


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