Welcome.  I sometimes long for a rainy day and hope my creativity supports my idea to take the day to write.

Just recently I began a book which I will be sharing soon, that takes the reader on a journey through Caregiving.  This will be a very personal journey about my Mom; who recently passed from Alzheimer’s Disease.  I want to share what it’s like to be a Caregiver to a family member be it sister, brother, father, mother, etc.  I guarantee  most people do not know ninety percent of what it’s like and the reason I feel it needs to be shared.  Most Caregiver’s go unnoticed and by the end of their Caregiving position they do not want to talk about it.

This is why I have chosen to share this story about me; the daughter + Caregiver and my Mom who went through just about all the stages of Alzheimer’s; which in and of itself is a horrible, draining disease.

So I welcome you to keep an eye here for my “working on” a rainy day book called “IF YOU ONLY KNEW.”  I am pretty sure that title will stay in place; it certainly does make you “wanna know!”  ♥

Here is a little excerpt from my rainy day writing:

It was maybe 5:30 AM and of course I was still in bed.  I sat up like a vampire rising from my coffin at sunset.  I put on my slippers and raced up the flight of stairs to find my Mom clutching her head lying on the tile floor by the stove.  There was red stuff on the floor near her that I initially thought was blood as I reached for the phone to make the 1st 911 call. 

She was taking her lunchtime soup out of the refrigerator at 5:30 AM and miss-stepped and fell; hard, hitting her head on the tile floor.

*If you are interested in pre-ordering this book please contact me via st.munchkins@verizon.net

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